Three Ways To Include A Helicopter Tour In Your Wedding

If you're planning your wedding and want to give it a unique feel that you and your guests will remember for a long time, it can be fun to think about what transportation options are available in your local area. One creative idea is to reach out to a helicopter tour company to see what role it might be able to play on your special day. While it can be fun to book a standard sightseeing helicopter tour around the area, you may find that the company can also offer certain things that will make your wedding unique. Here are three ways to incorporate a helicopter tour company into your wedding.


A lot of couples like the idea of having one person arrive in style. For example, while the other partner waits at the altar of an outdoor wedding venue, it can be fun for their future spouse to arrive in a way that wows the guests. While some people use luxury cars and horse-drawn carriages, there's no doubt that a helicopter can make for a stunning arrival. Many helicopter tours are able to pick up one person shortly before the start of the wedding and make their way to the venue — landing a short distance away so that the guests can watch as the person climbs out of the helicopter and makes their way to the altar.


Another option is to have you and your new spouse leave the wedding venue in a helicopter. There are lots of different ideas involving this unique method of transportation. For example, you might have the helicopter pick you up shortly after the ceremony and take you and your photographer to a special area for a photo shoot. The helicopter can then return you to the venue a short time later for the reception. Or, you might decide to leave the reception at the end of the night in a helicopter, which will be a fun spectacle for your guests.

Tour Giveaway

A lot of people have raffles and prize draws at their wedding receptions to create a fun vibe. You may wish to give away a short helicopter tour as a grand prize. For example, if each of your guests enters a competition, you can draw a winner at some point during the reception. You'll have the helicopter tour company scheduled to arrive at a certain area at a specific time, and the winner of your competition can enjoy a short tour before returning to the reception. Contact a helicopter tour company such as Remote Alaska Air to discuss these ways of including a helicopter on your wedding day.

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