Personal Comfort Items To Pack On A Cycling Tour

If you're an avid cyclist, booking a cycling tour, such as with Cycle Bella Italia, can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. In advance of the tour, you'll enjoy anticipating what you'll see along the route. For example, many cycling tours will wind their way through picturesque areas and may include enticing stops at cafes, microbreweries, and quaint bed and breakfasts. While you'll likely be making a list of the clothing and cycling-related items that you'll pack to take with you, should also give some thought to personal comfort items. These extend beyond your everyday utilities; the following personal comfort items will be valuable in helping you to enjoy your cycling tour more.


When you feel the breeze in your face as you cycle along, it's easy to forget that it might be hot outside with sunny conditions. You don't want to risk a sunburn, especially in the early days of the cycling tour when a burn could diminish your enjoyment of the remainder of the trip. Packing a small tube of sunscreen will allow you to cover your exposed skin at the start of the day, as well as reapply throughout the day if you're a profuse sweater.

Baby Powder

Sweaty skin that rubs against itself can leave you with painful rashes that risk making each mile uncomfortable and arduous. You'll be less at risk of such challenges if you make sure to pack a travel-sized bottle of baby powder with you. As as when used on a child, this product dries up damp areas and reduces the risk of painful rashes. You may notice that placing some in your cycling shorts before you set off can be advantageous, especially if you're someone who expects to sweat heavily on the tour.

Adhesive Bandages

A blister can quickly zap your enjoyment on the cycling tour, but you won't have to put yourself at risk of such a hindrance if your personal comfort kit includes some adhesive bandages. Cyclist can often develop blisters in several areas, including their feet and hands. This is especially true if you haven't been on a lengthy cycling tour and thus haven't built up calluses that will protect the tenderness of your skin. If you begin to notice any irritation early on in your outing, you can grab some adhesive bandages at the next stop and use them to form a protective layer in the necessary parts of your body.

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