The Dos And Don'ts Of Going On A Romantic Getaway To Disney World

When some people think of Walt Disney World, they may imagine little kids running around the theme park seeking princesses and adventures. However, the truth is that it can hold just as much wonder for adults. In fact, many parts of the park are now designed for adults, and there are many ways couples can enjoy their time in the theme parks. Here are the dos and don'ts of planning a romantic getaway to the happiest place on earth.

Do Prioritize the Things That You Both Enjoy

While you can take time to do things separately if there are theme park wishes you must fulfill, the majority of your time on a romantic getaway should be spent together. Make a list of things that you both want to do in the park, then make a plan to experience them. With four large theme parks, it's easy to get sidetracked if you don't plan to focus on what matters to you.

Don't Miss Out on the Special Perks Available to You

Disney loves to make its guests feel special. Depending on the specifics of your romantic getaway, you may be able to take advantage of special perks. For example, if you are going to Disney World on your honeymoon, you will get "Just Married" buttons and may get a variety of surprise "perks" throughout the day. Those perks may include extra fast passes and free desserts.

There are also buttons for celebrating anniversaries and birthdays. You can pick them up at City Hall at Walt Disney World, then enjoy them throughout your trip. It's best to not expect anything, so that you'll be pleasantly surprised at the effort that Disney cast members (what they call their employees) will put into making you feel special.

Do Try the Great Restaurants at Disney World

Because Disney dining does have a reputation of being on the pricey side, some people try to avoid the nicer restaurants at Disney World. However, if you are going on a romantic vacation, treat yourself to at least a couple of romantic dinners. Disney restaurants like Cinderella's Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom and Victoria & Albert's Restaurant at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa offer unique dining experiences that can enhance your vacation and bring on the romance.

Finally, keep in mind that your Disney World experience can be customized to be whatever you want it to be. Contact a Walt Disney World travel agent, like one from Mickey Travels, to discuss your options and plan the trip around what most interests both of you. The magic of Disney can provide you with the romantic vacation you desire. 

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