Three Items To Consider When Planning Your Next Cruise

Planning a cruise is almost as fun as actually going on the cruise. When making your vacation preparations, make sure to cover all of your bases so that you can enjoy your vacation worry-free. Check out these commonly overlooked items that you should consider when planning your cruise.

1. Transportation to and from the Ship

Unless you are planning to drive to the cruise port, you'll need to coordinate transportation to and from the ship. If you are flying to your cruise port, you need to book airport transportation to get to your ship. Though taking a taxi is always an option, many cruisers prefer to book a transfer with a company that specifically handles airport transfers.  Companies that specialize in airport transportation know how to quickly navigate airport traffic and get cruisers to their destination on time. For the best rates, book your airport transportation ahead of time. Many times, the company will give you a lower rate if they can fill up the transport vehicle with other customers.

Many cruise lines allow you to purchase airport transportation when you book your cruise. However, for the best rate, book your transportation directly with the airport transportation company, like

2. Care for Your Pets

Since most cruise lines prohibit pets from cruising, you'll need to coordinate care for your furry friends. Common options to care for your pets include hiring a pet sitter or sending your pet to a boarding kennel. If your pet is going to stay at a boarding kennel, check to see what immunizations the kennel requires. Many kennels require proof of certain vaccinations, and the vaccinations may have to be administered by a certain date before your pet goes to the kennel. When hiring a pet sitter, have the sitter visit ahead of time so that your pet recognizes the sitter when you are gone.

Try to book care for your pets as far in advance as possible. Not only does this ensure you have your first choice of care, but you can breathe easy knowing that this important item is taken care of.

3. Motion Sickness

Don't let motion sickness ruin your cruise. Even if you are usually free of motion sickness, it is best to be prepared for the worst on your cruise. Rough seas have a way of disturbing even the calmest stomachs. Many cruisers find that motion-sickness wrist bands are a simple way to keep nausea and dizziness at bay when at sea. There are also over-the-counter products that effectively manage sea sickness.

For more extreme cases of motion sickness, it is best to consult with your doctor. Your doctor may be able to call in a prescription to better manage your nausea.

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