What to Bring With You When Going on an Extended Charter Bus Tour of West Africa

If you and a group of individuals are going to take a charter bus on an extended tour that will span more than one day, you want to make sure that you pack appropriately for the trip. Here are a few things that you are going to want to bring with you for your multi-day charter tour trip in west Africa.

#1 Comfortable Clothing

You are going to be spending extended amounts of time sitting on the bus. You don't want to be wearing a formal suit or a tight skirt. You want to be wearing clothing that will feel comfortable sitting for a longer period of time and that will keep you at the appropriate temperature. Generally, lightweight clothing that isn't too tight is the way to go. Make sure that you wear lightweight shoes as well, such as a comfortable pair of tennis shoes. You don't want to be wearing clunky boots or other shoes that are going to feel heavy when you are just trying to sit comfortably.

#2 Lots of Entertainment

You are going to want to bring along your own entertainment, even if the charter bus provides some level of entertainment, you may want to relax on your own. Many nice charter buses come with entertainment systems and plugs so you can charge your devices.

Bring along a book or two that you want to read or bring along your digital book reader. Be sure to download a few titles that you want to read ahead of time. If you like to relax to music, bring along your digital music player and some headphones. You may also want to bring some cards in order to play a few card games with fellow passengers.

If the bus has chargers, you can bring a tablet for watching movies. Just download anything you want to watch in advance because you don't know what the internet download speeds will be on the bus and places you stop.

#3 Comfy Items

Luxury charter travel buses can offer a lot of comfort with their plush seats that often recline and have nice headrests. However, you still may need a little extra in order to stay comfortable and get a little rest on your bus ride. You may want to brink a head and/or neck pillow, as well as a nice blanket that is lightweight and compact so you can easily pack it up while still keeping you warm.

#4 Food

Finally, make sure that you bring food along with you. Check and see if the charter bus will be providing or stopping for meals at specific locations. Even if the charter bus group is providing snacks and meals, you may want to pack some snacks that you know you personally enjoy and find satisfying to ensure that you  have food with you that you'll like. 

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