Questions to Ask a Yacht Rental Company

Chartering a yacht is a great way for you and your family to explore open waters in style. As a first-time renter, you might not be familiar with the factors that influence the type of yacht you rent and the services that are included. To help you understand what occurs when you rent a yacht and to help you make the right selections, here are some questions to ask the leasing company.  

Can You Captain the Yacht? 

Some people with boating experience want to take on the challenge of captaining the yacht themselves. Even if you have experience, there is no guarantee that the leasing company will agree to it, though. Most companies require a demonstration of your skills before agreeing to allow you to captain.  

In addition to determining if you can lead the yacht, the company will determine where you can go if you are allowed to be the captain. The company recognizes that some areas are more challenging to navigate, and to protect its yacht and you and your passengers, limitations could be placed on where you can travel in the rental.  

It is important to note that you have the option of working with a crew that is provided with the yacht. Opting for the crew could be the best option because you will have more time to enjoy the experience instead of worrying about navigating the waters.  

What Fees Are Charged?

In addition to the base price for renting the yacht, there are other fees that will be added to your final bill. Some of the services are necessary, while others can be passed on to save money on the adventure. Ask the company to provide you with a detailed listing of the fees so that you can decide which services you and your family want.  

For instance, payment for the crew, insurance, and the deposit are considered mandatory. However, food and drinks could be optional. If they are not included in the base price, you will need to either pay for the additional cost to have the crew provide meals, or you can make plans for you and your family's meals.  

Although there is a lot to cover when you rent a yacht, as you gain more experience with doing so, you will undoubtedly find ways to cut to what you want from the yacht company. Until you are more familiar with the process though, ask questions and rely on the experience of companies like CYI CHARTERS to ensure you get the desired result.

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