Snack Ideas To Take When You Travel On A Charter Bus

When you're making plans to travel for any reason on a charter bus, you'll want to pack items such as your camera to ensure that you capture all the noteworthy sights. As you think about packing, it's also important to keep some tips in mind. While your bus will often stop at designated areas for snacks and meals, it's ideal to carry your own – this will help you beat the lineups as dozens of other bus riders converge on the snack vendor for their own treats. When thinking about what to carry with you, it's proper etiquette to select items that you can eat without making a mess and items that don't possess a strong scent that will annoy your fellow travelers. Here are some ideas.


Granola makes an ideal snack to carry with you on a charter bus. Although people commonly enjoy it mixed in with fruit-flavored yogurt, you can also munch on it dry, which means that you won't be making a mess that the bus driver will have to clean up. Granola is often packed with protein and carbs – the former is thanks to the seeds and nuts included in many varieties of granola – which will help provide you with a burst of energy so that you'll stay engaged throughout the entirety of the bus excursion. Try to avoid granola that contains peanuts, though, in case any of your fellow riders have allergies.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Provided you plan to eat them before you carry them at room temperature for a long time, hard-boiled eggs give you a boost of protein that will help alleviate any hunger you might be experiencing. They're easy to transport, too – some stores sell individually packaged hard-boiled eggs, but you can also boil your own eggs at home and place a couple in a zipper-top bag or a small plastic tub with a cold pack. Finally, they won't make a mess; you can easily finish an egg in two or three.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit makes for a non-messy snack that you can easily enjoy on your bus. Whether you favor dried apple rings, apricots, prunes or perhaps a selection of your favorite dried fruit, this snack is easy to fit in a jacket pocket and certainly doesn't possess enough of a smell to annoy the travelers around you. The burst of carbs and natural sugar from this product can elevate your energy level if you're starting to get sleepy toward the end of the trip.

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